EMT - Enterprise Maintenance Tool
An Enterprise Maintenance Tool
EMT, an Enterprise Maintenance Tool, is a powerful collection of utilities that assist in managing and maintaining legacy application resources. The information gathered and stored by EMT provides an accurate and comprehensive picture of your application environment and assists your programming staff in identifying and modifying those elements that are impacted by the necessary business changes of the 21st century.
Intelligently Investigates Your Complete Application Inventory
Analysis routines for Load Modules, JCL, PROCs, online tables and SMF data allow EMT to cross-reference these elements against identified programs. It then catalogues the relationship between Programs, Files, Jobs, PROCs and Copybooks for use during the reporting and analysis phase. Identifying and reporting on JCL SORT statements, EMT provides invaluable information by analyzing the impact of field usage on SORT control statements.
Analyzes All Defined Data Elements in Your Application Programs
Built around a powerful compiler-like parser, EMT goes far beyond scanning technologies as it analyzes and traces data elements through both direct and indirect references. This allows it to accurately identify those programs that contain specific references to selected data elements.

EMT's user-modifiable rules and ISPF-based selected field dictionary enable users to focus on, and expedite, the identification process of impacted items. Comprehensive selection and filtering capabilities allow for efficient elimination of "false-positives" and assure an accurate identification of the fields in subhead1.

EMT's true multilingual functionality allows it to search and identify fields in COBOL, PL/I and BAL programs. Its ability to identify the source language enables it to analyze whole libraries or selected groups of programs in a single pass. EMT supports CA-Librarian and CA-Panvalet library systems to further integrate with your existing application environment.

EMT Creates the Survey DataBase for Comprehensive Reporting
Information gathered during the identification process is stored in the Survey DataBase (SDB) and is accessible via a powerful reporting subsystem and a series of ISPF inquiry panels. Reports include:
  • Selected Field identification — a comprehensive dictionary of selected references
  • Project sizing — enabling accurate estimation of your project requirements and costs
  • Cross-referencing — reduces efforts by identifying obsolete or missing application elements
Program Maintenance Workbench
EMT provides a specialized, intelligent ISPF editor that focuses on the program code subject to maintenance changes. Using the information stored in the SDB, EMT highlights all lines of code involving selected fields. It also provides PF keys to enable the user to zoom in and view all the lines involving a particular field, or to jump from one reference to the next. An additional feature provides the ability to store code segments in a library, display a list of such segments on menus, and insert segments selected by PF key in the source code.

The benefits of this approach are consistency, propagation of coding standards, reduction in coding errors, and a significant increase in productivity.

Key Features of EMT
  • Language Recognition
  • Detailed Analysis of Selected Fields
  • Online Data Dictionary Tuning
  • Intelligent Editor
  • Support of Third Party Products
  • Load Module Analyzer

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