MHT Compare

MHT Compare is a general-purpose compare utility that has been used to verify the test results of hundreds of software and language migration projects.

MHT Compare contains two separate compare tools: MHTCOMPR, to compare QSAM, BDAM and VSAM files; and SRCCOMPR to compare two versions of a program's source code.

MHTCOMPR was designed to verify the results of a regression test and to report the differences between the baseline and modified program output. A run-time option enables the user to specify record positions to be ignored during comparison, preventing false differences caused by time stamps and/or record filler.

MHTCOMPR output may be tailored to display just the mismatched field or the entire mismatched record. The width of the report may be varied to conform to viewing the results on the terminal screen or the printed page. Additional run-time options allow users to limit the number of records to be compared and the number of mismatched records to be displayed. The total number of mismatched records is displayed on the output report.

SRCCOMPR, whose name is derived from its primary function of comparing two source modules, can also be used to compare any text or print files.

Unlike MHTCOMPR, which expects the files to be equal and reports any differences, SRCCOMPR expects there to be missing and/or added records in the files, and will re-synchronize the compare operation after finding a number of matching statements in the two files. Users may set the match number as a run-time option.

Additional run-time options allow the user to specify the record positions to be compared; to compress consecutive spaces on a line to a single space before comparison; to omit certain records from comparison, based on a character in a certain position; and to tailor the output report.

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