MHtran-2 is a comprehensive systems software product that automatically converts existing mainframe COBOL dialects (e.g., OS/VS COBOL, COBOL II) to higher-level COBOL dialects.

If you are making the move to the current release of COBOL, you can make the transition cost-effectively with the ease and translation accuracy afforded by MHtran-2

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your COBOL Migration questions

Converts code automatically and thoroughly
Designed to operate in z/OS environments, MHtran-2 also supports CA-Panvalet, CA-Librarian, CA-IDMS, IMS, DB2 and more, allowing for thorough conversion with very little manual intervention. In most cases, MHtran-2 translates more than 99% of all code.
Assuring quality
To ensure that each program is completely and accurately translated, MHtran-2 signals any lines that need review or manual intervention with a unique Exception Flag — an @ sign in column seven — which can be easily located and checked by the programmer. Because the translated program cannot be compiled successfully until all Exception Flags are resolved, the risk of incorrect compilation and execution is eliminated.
MHtran-2 overview
  • Automatically identifies and translates your OS/VS COBOL and VS COBOL II programs
    • Converts both batch and CICS COBOL programs.
    • Upgrades programs to the current release of COBOL.
  • Ensures complete, accurate translation
    • Signals lines needing review and prevents inadvertent compilations with Exception Flags.
    • Records key translation activities with On-line Migration Database for better management control.
    • Provides a Summary Table describing the results of each translation.
  • Simplifies the migration process
    • Is menu-driven for maximum programmer productivity.
    • Supports CA-Panvalet, CA-Librarian, CA-IDMS, IMS, DB2 and more.
    • Affords quick and easy installation: requires no IPL, no SVC.
  • Comes with unparalleled migration support
    • Supported by technicians with 25 years of migration expertise.
    • Includes a Help Line supported by developers to solve migration problems.
    • Tailors migration planning suggestions to your specific environment.

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Summary Table
Tells you exactly what was done and where

One of the informative, timesaving features of MHtran-2 is the easily read Summary Table at the end of the translation report. This synopsis affords you an at-a-glance review of every change MHtran-2 made and the percentage of your program that MHtran-2 was able to convert. You will see immediately:
  • The number of changes made, with page numbers noted
  • Where your attention is required for an occasional section of code that must be reviewed or translated manually
  • The percentage of code that was successfully converted — usually 99% or higher
The overall benefit: MHtran-2 lets you implement the translation with confidence, because you see exactly where to make adjustments and know precisely how much of the program MHtran-2 was able to convert. Messages detailing specific instructions or suggestions are noted in the body of the printout. The Summary Table also includes annotations, explaining why certain passages should be checked or why a section of code could not be converted directly.

Here's an example of a typical summary table and its key features:
Download MHtran-2 Product Sheet PDF

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