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Quickload Benefits & Features

What is Quickload?
Quickload is a unique and revolutionary systems productivity tool that dramatically reduces the time and effort of installing operating system upgrades to your IBM mainframe. Systematized and automated, the patent-pending process provides both immediate and long-range benefits that are significant to your organization.

Benefits of Quickload
Too often, IT management must make decisions that will benefit either long-term goals or short-term goals. Long-term goals usually include improved practices and standards, improved reliability, and positioning for future benefits. Short-term goals frequently include cost cutting, time savings, and reduced application Time-to-Market. Generally, one goal must be sacrificed to attain the other. It is rare to discover a product that will, in fact, satisfy both these short-term and long-term goals. Quickload is such a product.
Below you will find a list of these benefits. Cost justification of Quickload can easily be made through the short-term benefits it provides, while its long-term benefits provide additional cost justifications and enable you to move in a direction that is prudent for your organization.

  • 95% Time Savings — What would normally take 15-28 days for the operating system installation and customization will now take only 1 day. Besides the obvious savings of time and money, your expert systems staff will now be more available for other critical needs.
  • System Reliability — Since Quickload is an automated process, errors associated with the manual server pack functions are fully eliminated. The automated Quickload processes will fully replace the error-prone manual server pack processes.
  • Improved Application Development Time-to-Market — Corporate needs often require new application development, which in turn often require software and operating system upgrades. Time consuming operating system upgrades frequently force IT management to select other less desirable platforms, or worse, to declare it cannot meet the development schedule. Quickload> can assist in eliminating this embarrassing (and all too frequent) response by ensuring the operating system upgrade is performed quickly and reliably.
  • Improved Utilization of the Mainframe — With the elimination of the Time-to-Market delays, IT management can now properly choose the platform which will best satisfy the corporate need — frequently the mainframe, with its power, reliability and scalability.
  • Expanded OS Functionality — Quickload will exploit the full capabilities of the operating system by enabling and configuring optional functions that would otherwise be an additional and difficult installation task, e.g., BookMgr, SMB Server, NFS Server, Web Server, Telnet Server, etc.
  • Improved Practices and Standards — The Quickload process will replace delivered defaults and inappropriate parameters with “Best Practices” customizations from the IBM Redbook, and will incorporate over 20 years of system installation and migration expertise. The result — a customized operating system environment that is more useful and more powerful.
  • Positioned for Future Benefits — Quickload is positioned to extend its installation capability to include the installation of optional software to your system. The same advantages of time, reliability and functionality will then be expanded to a wider scope.
  • Flexibility AND Simplicity — The power of the mainframe has been understood since its inception. To harness this power required the flexibility to customize — in fact, flexible to the point of being complex. For example, the operating system has an entire manual devoted exclusively to the base parameters required for system efficiency. Hence, It is no wonder that it takes weeks to manually customize the operating system options. Quickload allows you to maintain the flexibility, and therefore the power, of the mainframe, while providing simplicity of upgrades which greatly facilitates the usefulness of the mainframe.

The Quickload Process
With Quickload, the process of ordering an operating system upgrade will be as follows.
When you are ready to upgrade your operating system, instead of ordering the new version of the operating system through IBM, their website or your reseller, you would contact one of our operating system specialists.
Our specialist will review your current software profile and ensure it is properly matched to the latest versions of the equivalent software. They will incorporate any new requests and ensure the appropriate software is selected.
We will then place the order with IBM using your customer number. We will build your specific system utilizing the capabilities of Quickload and the expertise of our operating system specialists.
We will then deliver to you CDs containing the ready-to-install operating system. With these custom CDs, your operating system installation, which includes parameter customizations, can now be completed in one day.
If you wish additional assistance, our operating system specialists can provide planning and/or consulting services for the subsequent migration of all software components.

Quickload Features
  • Installs a new version of the operating system in 1 day
  • Utilizes easy-to-use intuitive screens
  • Automatic JCL creation and submission
  • Automatic catalog creation
  • Automatically checks job output before proceeding to next step
  • Runs unattended, after entry of site specific information. Progress of installation can be monitored
  • Automatically sets parameters to optimal settings
  • All base features are fully customized and ready to use
  • Employs a discovery engine to review system control blocks and to store your customized data
  • Utilizes symbolics and substitutions
  • Can install optional products in the same efficient manner
  • Delivered efficiently on a set of CDs, not cumbersome tapes. Future availability on DVD and internet
  • Enables many features — BookMgr, SMB server, NFS server, WLM, and more
  • Provides “best practices” customization in place of IBM defaults and inappropriate parameters
Quickload Basic Requirements
  • OS/390 Release 2.6 or above. If your site does not meet this requirement, we can install a driver that would enable the installation of Quickload.
  • TCP/IP connection to the mainframe
  • Twelve 3390-3 disk packs
  • For full details, refer to the “Quickload Installation Requirements”

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